Thursday, January 03, 2008

Inside Offing David: music score

OFFING DAVID composer João Camacho says even though it was a lot of work, this independent film was his own personal playground. He describes it as "a very rich experience."

Camacho is an award-winning composer in Portugal and teaches music at the Regional Conservatory of Palmela. He joined the OFFING DAVID team in 2004 while searching for his first project to expand into computer film scoring.

"I had for the first time the opportunity to write all the music that follows the action of a real movie," says Camacho, "including suspense scenes, humour, drama, romantic involvement and even a highway chase. No doubt a challenge to my skills and hopefully an open door to other productions like this one."

With computer software called Cubase SX2 he was able to mimic a real orchestra using a vast library of instrument samples. For a person accustomed to real instruments it did have its challenges, but Camacho was able to teach himself the software.

"My musical experience is vast and it was very helpful, namely in the orchestration process," says Camacho, "but writing for a live orchestra is very different to making music using the computer."

His music score plays an omnipresent role in the film OFFING DAVID. "Sometimes it only establishes a general mood," he says, "other times it complements the action stressing the importance of something in the image... it helps dynamically to build the feelings that inspire the audience."

Camacho's world is filled with music, whether it be teaching his classes, conducting, or playing music on his own. His favorite composer is Tchaikovsky, yet he has all the records of British rockers Dire Straits. He is currently designing music for computer games and hopes to do more film scoring in the future. Visit his website: Sonic Daze

Listen to some tracks from his OFFING DAVID film score: